Hunting the Shardshunter

Strange Journeys

My journey has taken a strange turn. Everything around me appears to be happening very quickly. Last thing I remember was traveling with Walveston to Ravencroft. Suddenly fate has decided that I should best serve my purpose by joining a group of adventurers. Kipu and I fell through a portal into the nest of a strange creature with the group of others. We then journeyed on to a keep. As we were exploring, again we fell through a portal into a creek. Kipu did not appreciate the sudden and forced bath. Only a portion of our party came through the portal the second time. The smaller group is easier to manage. I still find the large seemingly part human creature a tad frightening and the small woman with a vice for drink interesting. Near the creek was a large town where we were all able to gather some supplies. The concept of money and making purchases still seems foreign to me. Thankfully, Walveston saved me from a potentially damaging encounter with a shop keeper. We travelled to a tavern were Walveston informed me that we had parted ways several months ago not merely days. He also had a task for me and my new traveling party. We were to retrieve his daughter from a band of thieves outside the city. Little did we know it was a trap all along. Soon after retrieving his daughter and returning her safely to him. He used another of his foul concoctions to sedate us, not only running away with a piece of the shard he promised us but also with the shard we already carried. I don’t know who I can trust anymore other than my dear Kipu. I am far too distracted in my meditations but must return to them to find peace and regain my strength.

Drinks at the Giant Cock

What an odd turn of events.
First, we’re all trying to break into some camp and then, poof! Half of us are sucked away to what was admittedly a very nice little town. The whole lot of them are crazy fanatics who seem to oppose sorcery, so I have disguised myself as a common bard. I’m so clever. Yay me!
We spent a good amount of our time here gathering information. Also, there was some drinking. I think I tried to pick a fight with a dwarf, but it’s all a little bit fuzzy. As much as I tend to detest any and all orcs I must say I was more than glad to have Karsa with me. That guy can drink! When we finally began our journey to recover a young girl for some strange man things seemed like they would be straightforward and we’d be back at the tavern again in no time.
They were not.
We were betrayed, and now our shard is missing and I think I need another drink soon. All of this ztress is $t4rt!ng to geEEeeeEt to we*

Welcome to the campagin!
The Hunt for the Shardhunter

Our first session was quite successful. You arrived in Brill rather unceremoniously, restocked on supplies and met a man named Walveston. He offered you 2000 gold to save his daughter from bandits. While moving threw the forest you encountered a group of bandits running away from something. Dealing with the bandits handily, you moved into the main camp. A scene of ravaged and devastated bodies lay before you. The girl you were looking for was in the main tent. Giving very limited responses she fallowed you back to your employer. Sudden betrayal left you all knocked out and missing your shard of the crystal. When you awake, they are gone and your only clue is a journal found in a rubbish bin. A bit cryptic and only a couple pages are still left, the other ripped out, deciphering this may help give insight into what this Walveston is doing.

I would like you each to write a journal entry, as short or detailed as you like, as your character. I will award exp for each journal written.

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