Hunting the Shardshunter

Welcome to the campagin!

The Hunt for the Shardhunter

Our first session was quite successful. You arrived in Brill rather unceremoniously, restocked on supplies and met a man named Walveston. He offered you 2000 gold to save his daughter from bandits. While moving threw the forest you encountered a group of bandits running away from something. Dealing with the bandits handily, you moved into the main camp. A scene of ravaged and devastated bodies lay before you. The girl you were looking for was in the main tent. Giving very limited responses she fallowed you back to your employer. Sudden betrayal left you all knocked out and missing your shard of the crystal. When you awake, they are gone and your only clue is a journal found in a rubbish bin. A bit cryptic and only a couple pages are still left, the other ripped out, deciphering this may help give insight into what this Walveston is doing.

I would like you each to write a journal entry, as short or detailed as you like, as your character. I will award exp for each journal written.



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