Hunting the Shardshunter

Strange Journeys


My journey has taken a strange turn. Everything around me appears to be happening very quickly. Last thing I remember was traveling with Walveston to Ravencroft. Suddenly fate has decided that I should best serve my purpose by joining a group of adventurers. Kipu and I fell through a portal into the nest of a strange creature with the group of others. We then journeyed on to a keep. As we were exploring, again we fell through a portal into a creek. Kipu did not appreciate the sudden and forced bath. Only a portion of our party came through the portal the second time. The smaller group is easier to manage. I still find the large seemingly part human creature a tad frightening and the small woman with a vice for drink interesting. Near the creek was a large town where we were all able to gather some supplies. The concept of money and making purchases still seems foreign to me. Thankfully, Walveston saved me from a potentially damaging encounter with a shop keeper. We travelled to a tavern were Walveston informed me that we had parted ways several months ago not merely days. He also had a task for me and my new traveling party. We were to retrieve his daughter from a band of thieves outside the city. Little did we know it was a trap all along. Soon after retrieving his daughter and returning her safely to him. He used another of his foul concoctions to sedate us, not only running away with a piece of the shard he promised us but also with the shard we already carried. I don’t know who I can trust anymore other than my dear Kipu. I am far too distracted in my meditations but must return to them to find peace and regain my strength.



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